Local Mother-Daughter Team Launch New Book, The Great Candy Land Caper

What happens when Candy Land starts to turn sour?  Two young girls are about to find out as they set off on a fantastical adventure to Candy Land, where everything is not as sweet as it seems.


Authored by Laura Hill Timpanaro and her two elementary age daughters Kayla and Ava, The Great Candy Land Caper is the fifth offering in the Great Story World Mix-Up series of early reader chapter books they write as a family.


The series introduces young readers to new genres by blending stories together, in past books sending Sherlock Holmes through the Minotaur’s maze, turning King Arthur’s knights into werewolves and dropping Amelia Earhart’s “little red bus” into the land of dinosaurs.


“The whole idea is to get children excited about reading and to get them interested in characters and themes they might never have considered before,” said Hill Timpanaro.  “In the Great Candy Land Caper we show children a new way of looking at two classic fairy tales while parents get to revisit a beloved game from their youth.”


The series is co-written by her school age daughters, a process that started with story starters at the bus stop and grew into a series when her children asked her to help them publish a book.  Their unique insight brings a perspective that hits a high note with the audience.


“In our new book, I think kids really relate to a world where everything they see is sweet and delicious,” said Ava Timpanaro, who writes Jilly in the series.  “When the world starts to turn bad [the character] Jilly has to change her way of thinking.”


The heroines are based loosely on the two character writers, Ava Timpanaro who writes about Jilly, a fairytale expert who solves her problems with magic and her older sister Kayla Timpanaro who writes about Penelope, a real world minded girl who solves her problems with science.  They have to use their skills together to help save Candy Land from destruction.


“I like that both girls are different but they can work together to fix a huge problem, mixing-up all the stories in Story World and now stopping Candy Land from turning rotten.  Its not that much different than how we solve problems in real life,” said Kayla.


Part of the trio’s offering is a scholastic program that encourages students to get their creative ideas out of their heads and into the world.  So far they’ve engaged over 3500 students and hope to bring their message to schools across the country.


“I’ve always believed the world was full of magic and science, there are so many things still unexplained. I can’t wait to see what this next generation conceives, the things they imagine and bring to life will be like nothing we’ve ever thought of before,” said Hill Timpanaro.



To find out more about The Great Candy Land Caper visit www.gswmu.com




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