Happy Ending: Lost Dog, Ambrosia, Found

A Riverhead family has their beloved pooch back safe and sound.

Sometimes, it takes a village.

Or a community of caring residents, who came together to help find and rescue a lost dog in Riverhead yesterday. Efforts were successful -- Ambrosia was found on Wednesday morning and is back home, safe and sound.

"We have gotten Ambrosia back! A woman saw the plea on line and on Facebook for help in finding her and called my daughter at 8 a.m. this morning," wrote Riverhead resident Gail Evans in an email. "With some crafty help from the family, the family dog was able to lure her in. Ambrosia was caught and taken back home where she is again safely snoring on the couch."

Evans thanked the community for their help. "It's wonderful to have the eyes of so many dog-loving people helping to find our loved lost canines."

On Tuesday, for Ambrosia, a Boston terrier mix who was been lost since approximately 8 a.m Tuesday morning on Sound Avenue and Pennys Road in Northville.

Evans said that Ambrosia, who belongs to her daughter, is a rescue, "and very afraid of people and most everything."

Evans said if someone spotted Ambrosia, the best way to catch her was to lure the pooch into a fenced-in area. "She is not afraid of other dogs," she added.

This is not the first time Ambrosia was lost; the rescue was gone once before for a week and came back only when she was "skin and bones" and desperate for food.




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