Local Historian Teaches Kids About Battle of Luce's Landing

Riverhead students learned about local history this week.

Photo Credit: Riverhead Central School District.
Photo Credit: Riverhead Central School District.
It was a flashback in time this week as Jamesport historian Richard Wines spoke to Riverhead High School students about the Battle of Luce's Landing.

Wines, chairman of the Riverhead Landmarks Preservation Commission, gave in-depth information on the battle, which the kids had been studying in class.

According to the Hallockville Museum Farm's website, "This battle was the only military action ever to occur near Hallockville and it took place in 1814, near the end of the War of 1812. The battle, actually more of a skirmish, started when local farmers were fishing with a seine net off of Luce’s Landing, now the Iron Pier public beach at the end of Pier Avenue, early on a foggy June morning."

Dr. Wines brought original photos, including family shots, historical documents, local newspaper articles, and letters to enhance his oral presentation. 

The Battle of Luce's Landing, also known as the “Defense of the Eagle”, took place in October, 1814; the 200th anniversary is coming up next year.

Dr. Wines also offered insight into how naval battles were fought at the time, which included the British capturing ships and then making deals to sell them back to original owners. 

The class will visit Hallockville in the spring to tour the battle site and may construct a diorama depicting scenes from the event, as well as stage a reenactment.


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