Photo: Mourners Gather At Vigil for Demitri Hampton

A small crowd gathered outside Riverhead High School to say good-bye.

A brief but moving candlelight vigil was held Thursday night to honor the life of former student Demitri Hampton, who was killed Sunday by armed gunmen in a Flanders home invasion. 

Sobbing family and friends held one another during the vigil, which included music, speakers, and words of solace from Hampton's pastor.

A memorial service will be held Monday at Suffolk County Community College; funeral services for Hampton will be held Saturday.

An investigation into Hampton's death is ongoing; police said this week Hampton could have been an innocent bystander.

AJ VIa February 01, 2013 at 02:02 PM
not meaning to disparage Dimitri at all- by accounts he was a great kid, really intelligent and sweet and loving- but also it is fairly known around town he was dealing pills lately, with the idea being that he needed to make money to get out of Riverhead (sadly, due to the increased dangers out here). So it seems odd that the PD keep stating he is an innocent vic with no info about his illegal drug-dealing side. Now, I do not believe that anyone has the right to hurt or kill anyone- even in criminal worlds- and like I said, he was a good guy, and doing that doesn't in my book mean he "deserved it" or got something he should have been expecting, as I've heard often in the past about people killed in the drug scene. But why the strange blackout of this side of his life, and is that simply because the PD doesn't even know about it? I'm simply a friend of a friend of a girlfriend of Dimitri's, and I even heard about this already (and from more than one source), so that makes me feel they're searching the wrong direction. Maybe if honestly about his doings was being shared with the PD they would be looking in the right direction, quicker, and be able to catch the scumbag murderers who took a young man with so much promise from his family and loved ones.
OnePurpose February 02, 2013 at 12:32 AM
Hey, unless D' Sold pills to you directly, Who are you to falsely accuse, and/or discredit him in anyway?? My point exactly. Like you said, "I'm simply a friend of a friend of a girlfriend of Dimitri's" What you heard is a bunch of he said/she said rumored bulshit. In any event, even if he was selling pills.. (which is highly unlikely) the only person that can confirm that Accurately is D' himself, and right now he's not here to defend him self. So Don't tread upon his reputation with your Obnoxious speculations. P.S His Name is Spelt Demitri, Get it right.


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