Remembering Keri and Jason Trinca; Send Thoughts, Wishes To Her Husband, Children

One year ago Monday, Keri and Jason Trinca, 7, lost their lives. Take a moment to watch the video and reflect; send messages to Jay, Marialena, and Christopher in the comments section.

Monday marks one year since the tragic Manorville car accident that took the lives of Keri Trinca and her little boy Jason, 7. 

In the dark days following the accident, Keri Trinca's husband, Jay, remained by his children's bedsides as a community gathered together, holding vigils and organizing countless fundraisersto give him strength and buoy his spirits.

And, when little Marialena, 5, was released from the hospital in February, beating the odds, a community rejoiced. Marialena today continues to improve -- she is presently enrolled in kindergarten and is considered to be her father's miracle.

Looking back on the past year last week, Jay Trinca thanked the community for their open hearts and outpouring of support. "There has been an endless amount of love and support given to my family in so many ways, none of which will ever be forgotten, and the words 'thank you'aren't strong enough for what I would want to say to everyone," he said.

After meeting Trinca, former neighbor Maria Paladino felt compelled to help and, through her heartfelt mission, the Butterflies of Hope Foundation was born.

The organization was created to help families nationwide as they face devastating tragedy. A fundraiser, "The Keri & Jason Trinca Memorial Event," will be held on November 15 at Giorgio's in Baiting Hollow and will "celebrate two lives, gone too soon."

On Monday, one year after the tragedy, Paladino said she plans to honor Keri and jason by spending time with her children, ages, 9, 5, and 2 -- and then dedicate a good part of the day to working memory books she is creating for Jay, Marialena and Christopher.

The books will be a compilation of years of memories made with family and friends, and will celebrate who the Trincas have always been as a family, paying special homage to little Jason Trinca as a champion go-kart racer and to his mother, Keri, "as the cherished friend and amazing woman she was," Paladino said.

Watch a video created by Paladino and the Butterflies of Hope Foundation and remember Keri and Jason. Share your thoughts and wishes for Jay and his babies in the comments section.


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