The Four-Legged and Furry Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is just a few days away, but many people are still shopping. Here's a list of my favorite gifts for our four legged friends.

There's less than a week left for you to finish your Christmas shopping.  Have you asked your pet what he/she wants this holiday season? 

Below you can find the Four Legged and Furry top ten list for pet gift ideas made just for you last minute holiday shoppers.

1. The Kong

If you are an animal lover, you most likely have heard about the Kong by now.  It's a favorite of dog owners and dogs alike.  The Kong is highly durable, made out of red rubber, and serves various purposes – cleans your dog's teeth and gums, keeps your dog busy, and it's versatile.  The Kong can be filled with treats for your dog to dig out or a flavored paste that the Kong brand sells.  I prefer to fill Barnum's with peanut butter.  He loves the taste, and it's cheaper than buying the paste.

2.  Da Bird Feather Teaser

Is your cat playful?  Curious? Energetic?  If so, your cat will love this toy.  The feather teaser allows you to simulate the movements of a bird, heightening your cat's instincts to pounce, to catch and of course to play.  I've witnessed cats' chasing after this toy – from floor to bed back to floor around the corner.  Your cat will look forward to playing with this toy each day.

3.  Pirate Skull Aquatic Décor

So you don't have a little critter running around your house?  Your family's pet spends his time in a tank swimming around all day. Well, why not give your fish some new decorations for the tank.  I love the idea of a pirate theme, and the pirate skull is really great. The open skull mouth and sunken eyes gives your fish places to hunker down in for a while.

4.  Anything by BarkandStuff.com

Honestly, this may not be the best Christmas gift because you need a little more time to get your order shipped, but this website is amazing. They custom make dog snowsuits and fleece sweaters. You send in your measurements, pick the colors, and they will make a snowsuit or sweater to fit your dog. The snowsuits are of course waterproof, and the fleece sweaters are made of Polartec – the same stuff you and I wear everyday. 

5. Half Moon Sisal Scratching Post

We all know cats love to scratch and play, so why not give them a place where they can do both? This half moon sisal scratching post gives your cat a place to scratch to their hearts content, and when they are bored with that there's a hanging feather they can bat around too.

6.  Square Ladders by Planet Pleasures

These super cute ladders would be a great addition to your bird's cage.  There are four ladders that form a square giving your bird tons of climbing opportunities.  The multi-colored rope that hangs down the middle of the ladder will also engage your bird's imagination.

7.  Dingo Brand dog treats

I have never seen Barnum more excited than when he's about to get a Dingo treat.  These treats come in a variety of different styles from small rawhide bones with a meat filled center to dental treats.  As a small dog, Barnum particularly loves that Dingo makes rawhides that come in his size – a bone that he can finish in one sitting. But not to worry, for the larger dogs out there, Dingo also has a larger line of treats.  The treats will make a perfect stocking stuffer for your pet.

8.  Drinkwell Pet Fountain

This fountain is the perfect gift for cats. With a six-cup bowl capacity, the fountain continuously aerates and filters your cat's water.  As many cats prefer to drink water from a running water source, this will give your cat the feel of running water without the hassle of actually letting them drink the water from a running faucet.

9.  Super Pet Critter Trail

What's a better gift than giving your hamster a new place to run?  We've all seen hamsters running and running in the wheel in their cage, but with the super pet critter trail, your hamster can explore new places all day, going through specially designed tubes that will make your hamster cage a real home for your pet.  Even better?  The super pet critter trail offers expandable kits so that you can add on to your pet's habitat in the future.

10.  Food, Water, Health & Love

There is nothing your pet could want more than a loving home.  No toy can replace a full bowl of food, sufficient water or good health.  Make sure your pet has all they need this holiday season from heartworm medication to being properly spayed/neutered to flea and tick medication as well.  If you take care of these basic needs, your pet and you will surely have a happy holiday.   


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