We Need to Start Creating Jobs NOW!

The American Jobs Act will put millions of Americans back to work.

While many economists agree the recession ended two years ago, it is an unfortunate reality that millions of Americans are still struggling to find work.

In August, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate was at 9.1 percent and affecting approximately 14 million Americans. Today, job creation is practically at a standstill. Now more than ever, we need initiatives to help get people back to work. One of the major problems holding back growth in the private sector is the recent stagnation in consumer demand.

The scars left from the recent recession and housing crisis have made consumers hesitant to start buying again, and for good reason. Many Americans are unsure of their future or if they will have a job in six months. And given tepid demand for the products and services many businesses offer, employers are reluctant to hire more aggressively until consumer demand starts to rise again.

In an effort to combat high unemployment, President Barack Obama recently released a comprehensive jobs plan called the American Jobs Act, designed to stimulate job growth and encourage businesses to start hiring again. The president’s message is simple: We need to act now to inject confidence back into the marketplace and create more consumer demand in our economy. By making long-term investments in education, innovation and infrastructure, we can help millions of Americans rejoin the workforce now.

The American Jobs Act will implement reforms and regulatory reductions to help businesses access capital more easily, invest in infrastructure, school building rehabilitation and neighborhood improvement projects, and implement innovative reforms to the unemployment insurance program.

Locally, I’ve been fighting to rejuvenate our economy, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the newly created Long Island Regional Economic Development Council. With a more localized, community-based system working on economic development, our council has the opportunity to showcase the diversity of our region and what we have to offer. Along with bringing jobs to the area, the council competes with councils from around the state to provide the funds we need to achieve our economic goals. We will be able to capitalize on our unique strengths as a region so we can build a strong economy from the ground up — harvesting our ideas, people and local assets.

It’s time we start investing in our future to jumpstart our economy and grow our workforce now. The president’s plan to get our country back on track isn’t a short-term fix, it is one that will help millions out of unemployment and strengthen our country’s infrastructure for years to come.

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Bob September 29, 2011 at 02:48 PM
Fred, At what cost to the tax payers? The Feds. do not have any money only trillions in debt! Sorry to see that you have become a Liberal!!
Mary Beth September 29, 2011 at 03:24 PM
So if you want to create jobs you are a liberal? Perhaps you are right, especially considering that the only goal of the conservatives is to keep the economy poor to win elections. Wear that badge proudly, Mr. Thiele and thank you for fighting for the middle class against the "government is bad" wingnuts.
Yearounder September 29, 2011 at 04:27 PM
Yes. If you have the power to "create" some jobs with the swipe of a pen, then you ARE a liberal. Where is this money coming from to create these jobs? From someone else! Legislative job creating is a complete circle-jerk. Taking money from one place and diverting to another. Want to create jobs? Get rid of Obamacare, Dudd-Frank, and keep the gov't out of business. The private sector knows how best to allocate capital and resources, PERIOD!!!
. September 30, 2011 at 01:01 PM
Job creation can be solved if two issues are addressed. Until they are, there will be no substantial, long-term job creation. (1) BANKS. Until they break the locks on the loan department, jobs are never coming back. Obtaining financing is near impossible. Small businesses cannot borrow, which means they cannot invest and grow. Thus, no jobs. Futhermore, people cannot obtain mortgages. No mortgages, no home sales. Thus, everyone's cash is stuck in their home equity. Again, this affects jobs -- it affects consumer confidence. The banks were given gazillions of bailout money. What did they do with it? (2) IMMIGRATION, both legal and illegal. Our country allows 1 Million people to enter the country legally each year. Such an amount is too high. Having our population grow at such a high rate is impossible to maintain. It drains on every natural and economic resource we have and it hurts job creation for Americans. Illegal Immigrants, same thing, they are working jobs that would otherwise go to taxpaying Americans. Immigration policies have to be changed immediately. Revert back to a replacement immigration policy -- meaning when one person leaves, then one person comes. As for the undocumented, either out these people on the path to paying taxes, or remove the opportunity for them to work. Liberal, conservative, it doesn't matter who creates the Committees and ACTS. They don't work because they are mere deflections of the real problems being ignored.


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