Opening of Buffalo Wild Wings Delayed in Riverhead

The new opening date will be announced as soon as it's determined.

Locations of Buffalo Wild Wings exist across Long Island. Patch file photo.
Locations of Buffalo Wild Wings exist across Long Island. Patch file photo.
Customers eager for a bite of Buffalo Wild Wings in Riverhead will have to wait a bit longer.

According to general manager Andrew Schuett, the opening day has been delayed. While he assured that the business will still open, the new opening date has not yet been determined.

At least one resident, who asked not to be named, was upset about the delay. 
"The customers lined up for their chance to win a year of free wings but were turned away," the resident wrote.

But according to Schuett, "There is no validity to that statement." Schuett said the first 100 customers to line up did, in fact, receive their year of free wings — and only those who came after the first 100 were told they had already reached 100 guests; those that came later still received coupons, he said.
Riverhead resident Louise Wilkinson said she got her free wings for a year, as did two others with her — and all the other wings fans she met in line.

"We were at Buffalo Wild Wings the day they were supposed to open," she said. "Everyone on line got their wings coupon. And the guy was so sweet and helpful. Workers were also allowed in and were sitting at tables and at a training when we went in to pick up our booklets."

A staffer came out very 15 minutes or so to distribute the coupon books to whoever added the line, she said. "It was organized and pleasant," she said.

The free wings for a year came via a coupon book, with a coupon for six free wings per week; with a coupon for every week; the book even has a magnet on the back so it can be hung on a refrigerator, she said.

In addition, the resident who wrote Patch said they were upset about the delay because their son had been slated to start work at the eatery, and said he had been "getting the runaround from management."

Schuett said that also was untrue, and that all employees who had been slated to start working, who had been hired and expected to begin as of Nov. 29, had been paid, even being paid for hours when they hadn't had to come in to work. All new employees had also been paid for training, he added.

Schuett said he would announce the new opening date as soon as it has been determined. "We're happy to be in Riverhead," he said. "The town has done everything to accomodate us in the best way possible."

The new Buffalo Wild Wings will be located in the shopping plaza on Route 58 where Dick's Sporting Goods, Five Below, and the Christmas Tree Shops andThat! recently opened their doors.


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