Antique of the Week: Cabinet Sideboard with Record Player

The Red Collection is offering this unique furniture piece for $175.

in downtown Riverhead is offering a vintage cabinet sideboard with record player. The item, originally priced at $395, is now marked at a sale price of $175.

The piece is a large, deep cherry wood console with intricate designs on the front of the cabinet. From the outside, the console appears to just be a normal piece of household furniture. One must lift the top of the console in order to access and see the Garrard brand record player within.

The living room console record players were most popular in the 1960s, which may be the time to which this piece dates back.

The first Garrard record changer was developed in 1932, the RC1, according to the Garrard 501 website. The company continued developing record players until the late 1970s when direct drive players took over the market. The company was eventually sold in 1992.

Visit The Red Collection to learn more about this piece or to view their other items for sale.


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