Pet of the Week: Sebastian, a Maine Coon Cat at Kent

Sebastian is a one year old long-haired Maine Coon cat.

It's easy to spot Sebastian in the Kitty Kottage at Kent Animal Shelter. Look for the fluffy gray tail sticking straight up in the air. If, by chance, you miss the tail, you can also count on Sebastian being one of the first cats to greet you.

When he was dropped off by his previous owner at Kent, the owner informed the shelter she never bothered to name the cat she had owned for almost a year. Sebastian was obviously neglected.

At Kent, Sebastian quickly found a place for himself. He was given a name and the attention he deserved. Now, he seeks out the visitors to the Kitty Kottage. He's ready to find his new home.

Sebastian is up to date on all of his shots and has been neutered. If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous boy, visit the Kent Kitty Kottage. His adoption fee is $50.

Eva June Roberts-Vazquez August 14, 2011 at 12:18 AM
I've got my hands full with an almost 13 year old sweetheart of a dog with medical problems, and there's a kitten outside, for a week, who may be homeless. S/he won't get too close.anyone have suggestions for domesticating this kitten, let me know. I'm not really able to care for it, so if someone wants to come and try to give this sweet baby home, let me know. its white and grey and still quite a kitten. About your comments, I realize many feel strongly about the possible care of animals brought to Kent, but reading disparaging comments about those who bring animals to Kent to adopt is disturbing. Be glad that they brought the animals there and not just left outside. Please don't be so quick to judge, you don't necessarily know all the facts. Hope Sebastian gets a new home soon. Also was Sebastian shaved?
Ashley Wilbourn Pinciaro August 22, 2011 at 02:35 PM
No offense meant, Ejay. Sebastian was shaved because due to the summer heat and his hair was matted. The rest of the hair on his body will grow out as beautiful as his tail.


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