This Week in Astrology: Tuesday May Be Filled With Great Ideas

This week in astrology.

The week starts off with the Sun and Mercury joining Mars in Aquarius, we have moved from the anything to succeed energy into an energy that can work out as an energy that looks for the good of all or the good of the mass.  But it's often overlooked that Aquarius is an air sign and it has a fixed modality, meaning it can get very set in its way’s, if those ways are progressive they become very aggressive in that area, if those ways are conservative well they then become progressive in that area.  So lets hope we can all tap into an energy that wants the same thing to benefit the group.  Mr. Spock on Star Trek is the ultimate Aquarian in my eyes, his statement “The good of the many outweigh the need of the one” is a perfect summation of Aquarian energy used as it should be use, we just need to make sure we don’t bypass or forget the one who does not fit in with the group.  Since the first thing the Sun and Mercury do are trine the planet Jupiter I am very optimistic we will open this week with some good news and a positive forward moving energy.  This will be the most beneficial for the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius especially if they have planet  between the degree’s of 4 and 9.

On Tuesday, when Mercury has its first contact with Jupiter you may find you have some great ideas, for that matter the mind may feel like its full of so many ideas you can’t grab onto just one.  When you feel like this go out for a walk and allow your mind to rest the most important and productive thoughts will rise to the top.  I think the sign Gemini is going to be the most affect by this energy mid week.

The biggest event for the week is the Full Moon in Aquarius and Leo on Saturday the 26th at 11:39 PM.  Full Moon’s are about letting go of what no longer works in our life.  The reason Full Moon’s bring up so many emotions in us is it pushes us to look at those things we shoved down and ignore at other times of the month, so pay attention to those fears, anger, and desires that pop up they are telling you something.  The sign Aquarius is all about being fixed air so this is a time to let go of ideas and thoughts you hang onto that are outdated or don’t work. It’s a time to allow room to be made so you can make your life more inclusive you open it up to working out issues in new ways.  Aquarius air is the clearest air of the zodiac, so its time to look at your life in a very clear and none judgmental way. Aquarius is also all about being who you really are, so let go of those old tapes that don’t allow you to touch your authentic self.  The Moon In Leo and the Sun in Aquarius highlight our ability to give and receive love.  Most of us are really good at giving but often feel uncomfortable in the receiving part.  So another area you may want to use this energy in is looking at how you feel about yourself how well you “accept” from others are you comfortable with it.  May watch yourself when given a complement or someone says something nice about you, if your not feeling 100% comfortable figure out why and let go of it.

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