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5 Blogs to Check Out On Patch: Bishop vs Altschuler, Dry Mouth and 240 Mile Kayaking Trip

Top blogs posted during the week of Sept. 17.

1. 12 Things I Learned While Kayaking Over 270 Miles

 highly recommends that everyone complete an adventure such as kayacking over 270 miles in their life and if kayaking is not your thing, try a long walk.

2. October Is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 ask residents to help make a difference in your community’s fight against breast cancer.

3. Why is my Mouth So Dry?

 says a dry mouth can be caused by multiple medications and health conditions. In his blog he lists causes and treatment options for patients to pursue.

4. The Truth about Randy Altschuler's OfficeTiger

Congressman Tim Bishop says Altschuler may be “offended” by increased scrutiny on his outsourcing past, but the middle class families he put out of work deserve much more than his feigned outrage.

5. Tim Bishop Is In Deep Trouble

Randy Altschuler said a non-Partisan Group rates Tim Bishop among "Top Most Corrupt Politicians in DC."

Be sure to also check out blogs posted by T.J. Clemente, Jill Brown, NYLCV, Howard Kroplick, Susan Gentile-Hackett and Lisa Fox.

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