Happy Birthday Riverhead!

Originally formed as River Head, town was originally formed through an act of legislature on March 17, 1793.

Get the balloons ready!

Unfurl your flags!

Someone quick, bake a birthday cake!

The celebration is for the 220th birthday of the Town of Riverhead, founded March 13, 1792 by an act of the New York State Legislature.

An Act to divide the town of Southold creating the Town of River Head from the western portion of said town. The Act’s Preamble stated that the freeholders and inhabitants of Southold have stated that their town is so long that it is very inconvenient for them to attend town meetings or conduct other business with the officials of the town.

The State Legislature agreed to the request and stated that the new town of River Head would be bounded on the south by the bay separating the towns of Southampton and Southold, and the easterly boundary would be the farm of William Albertson near “Mattertuck” and by the Sound to the north. The western border would be the Southold and Brookhaven town line.

The Legislature designated the name of the town to be River Head and that it should enjoy all rights, privileges and immunities, which were granted to other towns within the State of New York.

Happy Birthday Riverhead Town!


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