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Friends Mourn Woman Who Died in Manorville Fire

Days after the blaze, the body of the woman who died has not been identified.

Two weeks after a tragic Manorville fire took the life of a woman and her dog and left a homeowner injured, friends are seeking answers.

Suffolk County Police homicide and arson squad detectives are investigating the Manorviile fire.

Seventh precinct police officers and volunteer firefighters responded to numerous 911 calls reporting a fire at the home, located at 218 Eastport Manor Road, at 9:30 a.m. on March 13. When officers and firefighters arrived, they found Charles Woolsey outside a residence that was fully engulfed in flames.

Another woman, who was found inside the residence, was pronounced dead at the scene; it is not immediately clear if the woman was Woolsey's wife. A dog was also found covering the woman's body, according to Suffolk County police; the dog also died at the scene.

But weeks later, although the woman's body remains unidentified -- police have not confirmed if the victim was Woolsey's wife and are awaiting results of DNA testing-- friends of Woolsey's wife, Georgianna, are seeking closure.

"I worked wih Georgie at BJ's," Brenda Vakay Lincoln said. "She was very friendly. She gave her heart and soul to everybody -- and she absolutely loved her dogs."

Vakay Lincoln said Woolsey's co-workers and friends are disturbed because there has been no word if her body has been identified, making it impossible to plan a funeral or memorial service.

"People are upset because there is no closure," she said. "It's just all very sad for everbody."

Remembering her friend, Vakay Lincoln said Woolsey was "very outgoing. It was her husband -- he was a hermit. He liked to stay on his property."

Vakay Lincoln said Woolsey was so angry with his neighbors that he plowed over grapevines he'd intended to nurture.

The couple, Vakay Lincoln said, faced financial challenges -- and, when her car broke down, was dependent upon others for rides to work.

"If there is a reason for this waiting -- if they need to collect money to help pay for a funeral -- they should let someone know," Vakay Lincoln said.

Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding the fire is mired in details that include a home seized by the county for back taxes and a man "known" for his behavior in the past, according to fire officials.


Manorville Fire Department's First Assistant Fire Chief Howard Snow said the woman's body was found in the kitchen and was badly burned. 

Woolsey, 68, a resident of the home, was transported unconscious to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center in East Patchogue for treatment of smoke inhalation, police said.

Snow said when he arrived on the scene, the gate was locked and bolted; police were working to open the gate and clear a long driveway that was littered with wires and poles, he said.

"The fire was fully involved," he said. "It was coming out of the roof and all the windows."

Snow said he saw Woolsey as he was being taken from the house by Manorville Captain Richard Berni and an Easptort firefighter. "They saw a shadow in the doorway," he said. "They pulled him out and got him on stretcher and he was taken to the hospital. He was in and out of consciousness."

The woman, Snow said, was found on a secondary search of the first floor, with the dog.

Snow said it took approximately an hour and a half to knock down the fire and firefighters were on the scene until police, the Brookhaven Town Fire Marshal's Office, and the Suffolk County arson squad took over.

There is no indication yet of what sparked the blaze, Snow said. 

Snow said when he got the initial call, he recognized Woolsey's name as a "known individual" involved in former incidents. "There has been a history of problems there," he said.

"The first report that we got said that there might have been booby traps in his house," Snow said, adding that he was fearful there could have been explosives or holes in the floor.

"One of the men said they saw a shallow hole with glass covered with loose leaves outside. We marked it with a a traffic cone," he said.

The interior of the house was "pretty badly damaged," Snow said, making it difficult to determine whether any booby traps had actually been set or the report was untrue.

Snow recalled a night approximately ten years ago when he was a captain in the fire department. "We were there a few years ago and the guy met us with a gun at the gate," he said. "He was a known individual. We didn't go on that property without the police department there." 

Suffolk County police said that a member of the Manorville Fire Department told media at the scene the story regarding a previous incident on the property involving the man, a gun and a fire. The police were not involved in that incident, police said.

When Suffolk Police Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick spoke at the scene of the fire Wednesday, he was asked about weapons on the property at the time of the blaze. Fitzpatrick said police hadn't yet been able to process the scene, a public information officer for the Suffolk County police department said.

Snow added, "When I got the call, the first thing I asked is if the police were on the scene. I'm not putting my guys in jeopardy if we have an unknown individual who hasn't been stable in the past. Bad stuff happens to firemen -- and we are all volunteers - and my job is to make sure everyone goes home safely." 

The fire, Snow said, was unusual in that "there was an awful lot of fire on arrival. That's rare during the day." Normally during daylight hours so many calls come in that the fire does not spread so quickly. "It really raises eyebrows," he said.

The Suffolk County Arson Squad is investigating; part of the investigation will include whether accelerants could have been used, Snow said.

In another twist, Woolsey, according to Vanessa Baird-Streeter, spokesperson for Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, had been due in court on Wednesday, the same day as the fire, after being served with an eviction notice.

According to Baird-Streeter, Woolsey owed $276,842 in back taxes; the county seized the property and took ownership in 2010, she said, after he failed to pay taxes since 2005.

Woolsey, she said, submitted a redemption application and entered into a license agreement that would allow him to pay a monthly cost to stay in his home because he'd indicated that he was going to bankruptcy court.

"He didn't make good on that," she said.

Next, the county tried to serve Woolsey with a ten-day notice to vacate the property in November but the processor was unable to access the house because of the locked gate.

A notice of petition was sent, with proceedings to verify the petition originally scheduled for Feb. 20.; Woolsey, she said,appeared in court and asked for a two-week adjournment to March 6. Again, Woolsey appeared in court and asked for an adjournment  to March 13 -- the day of the fire.

Woolsey, she said, never appeared in court due to the fire.

The property was set to be sold at auction later this year, Baird-Streeter said.

Numerous media photos of the home showed the words "We will not submit" to the threat, painted on the roof of the house.

One neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said Woolsey was "eccentric," and had been seen with videocameras, taping neighbors, and had an air cannon.  

The investigation is continuing. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Suffolk County homicide squad detectives at 631-852-6392.


Nancy Evans Figat April 06, 2013 at 01:15 PM
My guess? It was Arson. Suffolk wants the property so they burn down the house. Cover up the Arrson. Watch tis one follow it. see where and who gets the house deed. A lot of fraud going on in these parts. God where are you?
Nancy Evans Figat April 06, 2013 at 01:18 PM
I cant wait until I can move out of Corrupt, dirty SUFFOLK COUNTY. Once I am out. I won't look back. Rats and all types of vermin runnning/ruining a once good place to live.


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