DA: Major Riverhead Drug Ring Busted

A Bronx-to-Riverhead drug ring reportedly delivered up to three kilos a week of powder cocaine; hidden "traps" were used to hide drugs in cars during runs, police say.

Update: To find out what happened in court and at the press conference, click here. 

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota will hold a press conference on Tuesday to announce the dismantling of a major drug ring that allegedly delivered up to three kilos of powder cocaine a week from the Bronx to eastern Suffolk County.

According to Spota, an investigation by the East End Drug Task Force that began last November resulted in the bust; two are expected to be arraigned at Suffolk County criminal court on Tuesday on grand jury indictments.

The D.A. announced in February of last year, arresting close to 20 individuals.

Judge Martin Efman is expected to unseal the indictments on Tuesday of the alleged "ringleaders" of the drug ring, Robert Love, 58, of South Oakland Drive in Riverhead, and Miguel Matos, 45, of Hughes Avenue in the Bronx.

Both men are currently in custody, as is Matos' son-in-law Radames "Ray" Melendez, 22, who Spota says acted as the "runner" or courier for the group, delivering cocaine to Love in Riverhead and collecting cash for his return to New York. Melendez, of Honeywell Avenue in the Bronx, will also be arraigned Tuesday morning on a grand jury indictment.

During the investigation, eight search warrants were issued and East End Drug Task force detectives seized 13 cars; in three of the vehicles, authorities said they found hidden traps used by runners to store cocaine and cash during runs to and from New York City. The electric traps were reportedly operated by pressing buttons for the air conditioning, windshield wipers or hazard lights in sequence.

the baby July 31, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Nice work by all involved.


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