Mayday Call in Peconic Bay Monday Morning Goes Unfounded

Distress call had no information, and hour-long search by air and sea found no problems.

Coast Guard Station Shinnecock - Credit: File Photo
Coast Guard Station Shinnecock - Credit: File Photo
Rescuers have called off a search in and around Peconic Bay after receiving a report of a vessel in distress on Monday.

Sector Long Island Sound reported a Mayday call over the VHF radio at 10:34 a.m. However, no name, position or nature of distress was provided. Locating devices put the call in the area of Peconic Bay.

Coast Guard Station Shinnecock coordinated a search of the area by air and sea. They received assistance from a Suffolk County police helicopter, Southampton bay Constable, and Southampton Town police.

The helicopter pilot reported searching Peconic Bay north of the Shinnecock Canal, and both sides of Robin's Island. The pilot saw about a half-dozen vessels underway, but none that were in distress. The helicopter went back in service at about 11:30 a.m.

Soon after, the police and bay constables were also released.

The Coast Guard asked that all vessels keep a sharp lookout for any boats in distress and report all sightings to the Coast Guard.


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