5 Most-Read Stories On Riverhead Patch In 2012

We're counting down the top stories of the year as we approach the New Year. Take a look.

Riverhead saw its share of tragedy and travails in 2012, but through it all the human kindness and compassion of a caring community shone through. Here's a list of five of the most-read stories over the past year:

FULL EAST END COVERAGE: Hurricane Sandy: Hurricane Sandy swept across the East End, leaving devastating impacts for many residents and business owners. But through it all, the community pulled together to get through the tumultuous time.

Young Mother Dies in Childbirth; Family Seeks Help to Send Her Body Home: Residents reached out to help the widower and young children left behind.

Suffolk DA: Ignore Serial Killer Rumors: The search for the Gilgo Beach serial killer continued.

: Hearts were broken after John Scorzelli, Jr. died tragically, leaving behind his devastated wife and young children, as well as scores of mourners who said his memory would live forever.

: As brush fires raged, heroes battled the blaze and residents banded togethet to save homes, lives, and their beloved horses and family pets.

What story or event touched your life the most during 2012? When looking back over the past year, what will you remember most as the most pivotal moment of 2012 in Riverhead? Share your thoughts in the comments section.






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