5 Resolutions From Tuesday's Town Board Meeting

The Riverhead Town Board passed over 50 resolutions on Tuesday. Here are a few.

On Tuesday, the Riverhead Town Board held three public hearings - one of which debated the pros and cons of an assisted-living piece of legislation and lasted over an hour - and passed over 50 resolutions, one of which gave a green light for the . For a complete list of the resolutions, click here.

  • The town board transferred $138,000 in Sewer District Reserve funds to Professional Services Engineering. Coupled with another $62,000 transferred to the engineering line item, the sewer district "requested a transfer from the reserve account in order for the project's design to continue." The project references a mandated upgrade at the sewer plant expected to cost the town around $18 million.
  • As the town continues discussions to privatize the Riverhead Animal Shelter, the Town Board hired a full-time animal control officer for a period of six months to help fill the void left when former ACO Lou Coronesi resigned last fall. Jessica Eibs-Stankatis stepped in on Monday, and on Tuesday.
  • The town board decided to seek bids for GPS systems in the town's highway department fleet. " though Highway Department Superintendent Gio Woodson said he's modernizing the town's equipment to bring the town up to par. And if employees are doing their job, they shouldn't worry about having the monitoring system on vehicles. Bids are due in the middle of March.
  • After hearing in December that the town could be as far as 20 years behind settling nearly 40 "trust and agency" accounts - accounts that hold deposits from developers and other organizations - the town hired outside financial analyst William McCann to help settle them. The board agreed to pay McCann no more than $6,500, though should additional reconciliation be required, up to $10,000 could be devoted to McCann. Supervisor Sean Walter has called the investment a wise one, as he believes reconciling the accounts will ultimately net the town more than it's paying out.
  • The town board formally supported  (which must be matched by the SCHS) to try and purchase land along the Peconic River.


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