Civic Leaders Cheer Prostitution Busts

"Each new bust gives hope to many residents who have long felt like the neglected stepchildren of Southampton Town." -- Vince Taldone

Saturday's bust of an alleged brothel in Flanders had civic leaders applauding local law enforcement efforts.

Police arrested three women on charges of prostitution at an alleged brothel located at 424 Flanders Road on Saturday after what they said was a months-long investigation. Mariluz Fonseca, 62 of 424 Flanders Road in Flanders was charged with promoting prostitution in the third degree, a class "D" felony. Milady Leclerc-Roman, 59, of the Bronx, was charged with prostitution, a B misdemeanor. Belkis Serrano-Tejeda, 40 ,of 424 Flanders Road was also charged with prostitution.

A week earlier, police busted another alleged house of prostitution in Riverhead.

Just two weeks ago, members of the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Civic Association raised concerns about escalating prostitution and drug crimes in their communities, demanding answers of Southampton Town police. Civic leaders subsequently applauded the recent arrests.

"The executive board of FRNCA is very happy to see that our police and our town officials are indeed responding to our complaints and making significant progress in the battle against crime in Riverside, Flanders and Northampton," Vince Taldone, FRNCA vice-president said Tuesday.

"Each new bust gives hope to many residents who have long felt like the neglected stepchildren of Southampton Town," he added. "I believe that each of these law enforcement actions,  which are intended to stop prostitution, drugs and related crime, sends a strong message that doing such illegal business in our community is perhaps not such a good idea. We will never rid our neighborhoods of all crime but we sure can make it a very unfriendly business climate for criminals and watch as those illegal operators seek new places, far from here, to pursue their criminal lives."

Taldone also commended the efforts of Southampton Town police, state troopers and other area law enforcement cooperating in the effort to fight crime despite ever-tighter budgets. Credit must also be given, he said, to Southampton Town officials and the highway department, for repairing and replacing dozens of street lights, an effort which he believes supports effective crime fighting.

"It's good to see that these quality of life issues are being addressed," FRNCA president Brad Bender agreed.

Bender said there is a "renewed commitment to our community" on the part of Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst and the Riverside economic development committee. A recent lottery for seven new affordable homes in Flanders, with five more "in the works" for Riverside, is reflective of revitalization efforts, Bender said.  

"The Flanders Riverside community remains dedicated to making our community a safe and beautiful place so many of us call home," he said.

Algebra September 26, 2012 at 03:21 AM
The house of ill repute was in Riverside, not Flanders!
Stinker September 26, 2012 at 11:41 AM
This is an odd story to me. These so called leaders open their door to prostitutes and johns, welcome them with a red carpet that stretches from downtown Guatemala City to Riverside. Tim Bishiop holds special meetings with scuzzy attorneys who are willing to get small time criminals cleared so they can become legal even if they were not born in this country. We then hold press conferences to tout that these same people for whom Tim Bishop laid down his jackets across the puddles have been arrested for running whore houses. This seems like one hand not talking to the other and a conflict of government effort and taxpayer dollars. If we are going to welcome them, why not be a little bit more polite for starters? Then, why waste my taxpayer dollars busting these whore houses for whom Tim Bishop is providing free legal support with our money? Doesn't seem right to ask for a pat on the back from one part of the population for slipping them in the back door and then another pat on the back from those of us who are victimized by these leaders and their amnesty policies when they bust the ones they snuck in. Can't have it both ways, you were wrong the first time.
Jerry King September 26, 2012 at 11:52 AM
You ain’t ever gonna get rid of it; so quit wasting time and money and stop corruption by: Legalizing it Regulating it Taxing it Limit, license and permit only in industrial areas and there will be: Less spread of disease Less abuse of women Less corruption Less crime Less hypocrisy


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