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Motorsports Advocate Discusses Possible Drag Racing Sites

Says Enterprise Park at Calverton would benefit Riverhead Town

Motorsports advocates who'd like to see a a drag racing strip at Enterprise Park at Calverton said other locations on the East End or Suffolk County could be considered.

Marty Johnson III, founder and CEO of the Long Island Motorsports Association, who has been lobbying for a drag racing strip at Enterprise Park at Calverton, would like to see a drag strip and a road course at EPCAL similar to what once existed in Bridgehampton and Westhampton.

But Johnson said Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter continues to "stall."

Walter has said one option for EPCAL could include a with a quarter mile track. But he added that the bottom line is that before any future use can be discussed, the subdivision process and environmental review by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation must be completed first.

Looking at other potential locations around the East End, Johnson said "the property issues are huge," with the heavy industrial zoning designation required for motorsports rapidly disappearing.

Johnson said any potential parcel for a drag racing strip would need to be located far from residential homes. One possible location in Yaphank was recently sold by Suffolk County to the Brookhaven Rail Terminal, he said.

Johnson said he does not understand Walter's resistance to setting up a temporary drag strip at EPCAL; with the season over, the concept would now have to wait another year.

"If I was the town super and faced with again laying people off and killing town services, and here I have a group willing to rent the runway for a year or however long, until it's actually going to be developed, I'm going to grab that revenue," Johnson said.

He added that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation would not require a permit for a sound test, something proponents of the EPCAL proposal have been asking for, and said the DEC "has no problem with the runway being used."

Other potential sites for a new drag strip could include a parcel in Bridgehampton, but the price, Johnson, said, is too high; the cost of a parcel next to EPCAL is also prohibitive, he said. A Northville property might also one day be a possibility, he said. Brookhaven National Laboratory, he said, would be a "perfect" option.

"We don't want to put a track where it will be a problem to get to and nor do we want to put it near people's houses," Johnson said. "There are a lot of logistical issues with a motorsports facility."

Pete Scalzo October 17, 2012 at 04:51 PM
"Has Supervisor Walter decided that there will never be a temporary or permanent drag strip at EPCAL? I pose this question because his continued refusal to allow a sount test leans towards this conclusion. The letter of intent that has been presented to the town board addresses the very real concern that noise might have a negative impact on the Calverton National Cemetary and local residents. Hence, the need for the sound test. The Supervisor has said over the past few days that he thinks the "Federal Representatives are not sure what the crazy Town of Riverhead is going to do next" He also said "the town has a track record of doing crazy things and entertaining crazy proposals at EPCAL" Does this mean that he considers a temporary drag strip a "crazy proposal"? Does this mean that he will never support a drag strip? We don't know. What is it that we are not being told? Does anyone really think that these Federal Represenatives have never heard about the idea of using a portion of EPCAL for a drag strip? Moving forward, can you imagine the reaction from these Federal Representatves if they asked the Supervisor if noise from this activity would be an issue and the town's answer was "we don't know, we never had a sound test" I think their reaction could be "That crazy Town of Riverhead" Lets save them that embarrassment. PLEASE, LETS DO THE SOUND TEST!
LIDR October 18, 2012 at 03:18 AM
Pete, Long Island Drag Racing is doing a Test and Tune for the Cooley's Anemia Foundation. The Test and Tune is a fundraiser for the foundation. The Test and Tune will be 220 feet and be held at the Central Islip Fire Department Training Facility. Cars will be leaving off a live tree. 220' is the farest legal Test and Tune scine the Hamptons Drag Strip closed in 2004. No sound test was required. Check out the link below for more info and video. The response to this event has been overwhelming. http://www.lidragracing.com/showthread.php?2139-Classic-Car-Show-and-Test-and-Tune-Central-Islip-F-D-Oct-21st-2012 LIDR
L.I.M.A. October 20, 2012 at 09:55 PM
A single car 60' time is not drag racing, we're trying to get the town super to allow the sound test to end the nonsense and made up lies against our community by others with false claims of noise. Unfortunately he continues to be unreasonable and tries to play the community against eachother. M. Johnson Long Island Motorsports Association L.I.M.A. www.Limotorsports.org
HEMI-ITIS October 25, 2012 at 11:11 PM
Somebody please explain why a Ski Mountain was approved without any land sub-division,sound tests or enviro problems???? Tourism through motorsports would bring thousands of people into the area pumping up the local economy.Job creation would happen naturally by demand. Does anyone else have this vision for Long Island????
DRAG RACING LOVER February 12, 2013 at 08:41 PM
it seems the rich people think long island is one big country club. and that people into motorsports are all low lifes.but they are discriminating against us.we have the right to have a facility to enjoy our sport.they know we can beat the sound problem that they keep bringing up and thats why they keep putting it off.I'm surprised that motorsport does have lawyers fighting this discrimination. there are facilities for everyother activity that you can think of here on long island but ours.Plus it will create jobs and boost the economy. oh and hey govenor you like cars how about some help here.


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