Peconic Y May Find Home in Aquebogue

Peconic Y board member said the group is close to closing on property on Route 25.

A plan which has been in the works for over 15 years to get a YMCA on the North Fork could be taking root in Aquebogue within a few weeks.

Brian Stark, a member of the Peconic YMCA's board of directors, said on Thursday that the Peconic Y has found a willing seller on an 8.8-acre parcel on Route 25, across from

The organization had flirted with building a Y at Stotzky Park and Enterprise Park in Calverton in the past, though the most recent development would have a better chance at funneling in kids from the North Fork, and in addition to other things, seems like a good fit.

"Number one, it's on a main road," Stark said. "Number two, the price is right. And number three, there aren't that many neighbors around."

Riverhead Town Councilman George Gabrielsen, the town board's liaison to the recreation committee, said that a stop light at the location would likely be necessary, though since Route 25 is a state road the final determination would fall upon their shoulders. Of other parcels the Y has looked at in the past, Gabrielsen called this one "the least burdensome" in terms of taking land off the tax rolls.

Before that becomes a reality, however, an approval permitting the use of a YMCA on the property would be necessary, and will likely be a condition in the terms of the contract, Stark said.

The parcel is zoned Residential B-80, which allows for one of its special uses - with a special permit - "educational institution without boarding facilities or dormitories, private."

"Next, we'll design a layout with the uses and construction on the site," said Peter Danowski, who has volunteered with the YMCA committee and is a land-use lawyer in Riverhead. "We'll get enough detail to give the town a first presentation and then we'll let them react to the application."

Stark said that considering the scope and public benefit of the project, he doesn't foresee too much of an obstacle in getting the proper approvals.

"Given the fact that this is a good project that's been floating around for a long time, they will probably look favorably upon it."

The Peconic YMCA states on its website that it has raised over $6 million, with an ultimate goal of $8 million to get up and running.

MB February 08, 2012 at 01:50 AM
The neighbors (and there are plenty and have been for 25 years or more) are not happy. George Gabrielsen and the Town Board should take notice that the usual tactic of jamming a change of zoning down the Riverhead residents' throats will not stand. There will be some angry voters at a ZBA meeting if there is one for this. Enough already. It seems to be the mode of getting things passed. No permits, no respect for the Master Plan. Unacceptable Mr. Gabrielsen.
MB February 08, 2012 at 01:57 AM
Oh no.
Joan Zaniskey February 13, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Same old same old "crap" to paraphrase the Supe.Only this time it's Sean's "crap". Come on, the Y in the person of Old Joe and his pals want a country club and not to serve the needs of Riverhead's neediest. Do they really have the money to do this? I strongly doubt it.They have been less than truthful in the past so it's hard to believe this current story. The Y belongs downtown!! It's presence there will guarantee a rebirth of the area. Sean needs to be recalled. He's handing our town and way of life to the developers.
Sharon Truland March 09, 2012 at 04:17 PM
"And number three, there aren't that many neighbors around." Classic, since you moved away Mr. Stark, that was once your neighborhood. There ARE still neighbors around who will be greatly affected by the "3 acres of outdoor activity" and "sports camps". It should be at EPCAL. Who are the only people opposed to EPCAL? The committee themselves.


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