Town Says Evacuations Going Well

Town shelter had 57 guests on Sunday night.

As winds increase in intensity and Hurricane Sandy closes in, Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter said most people in low-lying areas are taking the town's order and heading to higher ground.

"Most people on Creek Road in Wading River have evacuated out of there," Walter said.

Assessing the situation, the supervisor said winds are picking up quickly. "The Long Island Sound looks like the ocean," he said. 

The town's emergency shelter at Riverhead High School saw 57 guests Sunday night, Walter said.

Walter declared a state of emergency Sunday night and ordered the evacuation of low-lying areas.

Driving around Riverhead, Walter said he saw one man trying to pick up campaign signs in front of a store on Route 58. "He's having a tough time," Walter commented, as fierce winds pummeled the man. "He should have done that a lot earlier."

Walter said so far, no one has told town officials they are refusing to evacuate. "I'm not physically pulling people out of their houses," he said. "If they're not smart enough to get out, there's nothing more I can do."

On Monday, Walter said further meetings will be held to assess the ongoing situation and moniter the downtown area.


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