Village Urges Residents South of Montauk to Seek Higher Ground Ahead of Sandy

It's 'strongly recommended' residents seek higher ground due to Hurricane Sandy's flooding potential, say Lindenhurst Village officials.

There won't be a mandatory evacuation of Lindenhurst residents living South of Montauk Highway ahead of Hurricane Sandy, but the Village "strongly recommends" residents living South of Montauk seek higher ground ahead of the storm, expected to begin to affect the area on Sunday evening.

"We strongly recommend residents South of Montauk pay attention to the fact we're going to have extreme astronomical tides for the duration of a few days where they might become stuck in their homes and can't get out. So we recommend they seek higher ground or make other arrangements," Mayor Tom Brennan and Ray Fais, emergency manager for the Village, told Lindenhurst Patch on Saturday afternoon.

Storm Specifics
Fais and Brennan were at a meeting at Village Hall on Saturday afternoon with Village Administrator Shawn Cullinane, Deputy Administrator Doug Madlon and Trustee Mike Lavorata, as well as officials from the Village Department of Public Works and Suffolk Police.

This was the second meeting in as many days to ensure the Village is prepared for Sandy - aka Frankenstorm. And it kicked off with a conference call with Suffolk County, as well as other Towns and Villages throughout the County.

The Village's decision not to go with mandatory evacuation was based County officials noting it would be best, for now, for each town to target specific areas to urge evacuation instead of going with a County-wide general evacuation at this point, given that Sandy's at Category One hurricane status.

County officials also said, according to the latest forecast, they're expecting a four- to eight-foot storm surge, with the highest levels of storm surge being on the North Shore.

They also said tropical storm-force winds and rain should arrive on Sunday night, with wind gusts of up to 80 mph starting on Monday.

In addition they said Sandy's expected to stick around through Tuesday, so that means between the storm surge and the three high tides between Sunday and Tuesday nights, they're "anticipating record tidal flooding for this area."

Flooding Concerns Village
And that's what has the Village so concerned. While County officials said for the South Shore the storm surge should be closer to four feet, that's still a lot of water for low-lying areas South of Montauk.

"That's still monumental for us," Fais and the mayor said. "This might be one of the worst we've seen."

That's why they're seeking to get a reverse 911 call sent to residents living South of Montauk to alert them to the Village's recommendation of seeking higher ground.

And they'll also have the Lindenhurst Fire Department ready and available to head out to the areas South of Montauk to alert residents if the County isn't able to put a reverse 911 call out.

Because of the height of the surge, it'll also make emergency response to areas South of Montauk slow and tough. And if the winds hit above 50 mph, then the mayor said no emergency personnel will be sent out for their safety.

State of Emergency
The mayor said the Village will also be declaring a state of emergency on Sunday, and they're waiting for Babylon Town to declare one first, since County officials indicated the Villages in Suffolk should work through their Towns.

The Mayor also said the Marina (Lindy Docks) will be closed as of 4 p.m. on Sunday. Cullinane added those with boats there were notified on Friday.

There was no talk of setting up any local shelters in the Village at this meeting, but County officials said on the call there'll be four shelters opening up:

  • Brentwood High School.
  • Sachem East High School.
  • Hampton Bays Middle School.
  • Eastport-South Manor Junior-Senior High School.

Brentwood, Sachem and Hampton Bays will be open starting at 8 a.m. on Sunday, according to County officials in a report on Smithtown Patch.

In addition, two pet-friendly shelters will be opened at Suffolk County Community College's Eastern campus in Riverhead and at the Brentwood Recreation Center.

According to Suffolk County FRES on Twitter, they'll also be open starting at 8 a.m. on Sunday. This is in conjunction with the SPCA.

At the Ready
Back in Lindenhurst the DPW officials said their trucks are ready to go and have plenty of fuel.

Suffolk Police will be available to assist any way they can, officials added.

Mayor Brennan also indicated the main firehouse on South Wellwood Avenue will be the headquarters for the Village's emergency operations during the storm.

Finally, the mayor said residents with any hurricane-related problems will be able to call 631-957-7520 starting on Monday morning at 7 a.m.



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jks October 27, 2012 at 11:32 PM
I grew up on Grove Street in Lindenhurst, just 1/2 block from the Shore Road canal, which is south of Montauk Hwy. We never had to evacuate in a hurricane but last year channel 12 news showed Grove Sreet completely flooded, the water came up over the dock. Do you know if the residents were evacuated then? Things have changed. I now live in Hampton Bays, near the water, and we are very concerned about the tidal flooding.
Barbara Capella Loehr October 28, 2012 at 12:24 AM
During Irene Lindenhurst Village issued a mandatory evacuation for South of Montauk, and they took their cue from the Town of Babylon and Suffolk County. But not everyone evacuated. Some chose to stay behind. This time, so far, there's no mandatory evacuations issued. If that changes, we'll, of course, post an update. Stay safe.


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