Children Make Valentines For 106th Air National Guard

Kids thanked military personnel for their service with homemade valentines.

Photo Credit: Riverhead Central School District.
Photo Credit: Riverhead Central School District.
From the mouths of babes, come the best valentines.

And this Valentine's Day, members of the the 106th Rescue Wing of the Air National Guard in Westhampton, received homemade valentines filled with heart.

Recently, children in Riverhead's Roanoke Avenue Elementary School participated in the school's "Great Kindness Challenge." 

Kids in Kelly Dillon’s wrote essays about people who they felt are “under-appreciated in the world”. 

One of Dillon’s students, David Burns, agreed to read a portion of his essay for a short video that was posted on the Riverhead Central School District's website.

His essay was about how he felt members of the military were often under appreciated and how he himself planned to honor members of the military.

Two other classes and his own classmates decided to make valentines for military personnel to thank them for their service. 

The video was viewed by local members of the the 106th Rescue Wing of the Air National Guard.

Two airmen from the 106th, Airman Brian Dillon — Dillon's brother —  and Airman Joshua Burns, David's dad, asked if they could come into the classroom to tell the students about their jobs and to thank David for his presentation.

Kids in Dillon’s class, along with Donna Verbeck’s and Gary Karlson’s class, made valentines for military members. 

During the visit, the students presented the airmen with over 200 Valentines to distribute to military personnel of the 106th, spreading love on Valentine's Day.


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