District To Tape Board of Ed Meetings Again

Riverhead school district is partnering with the town to tape school board meetings.

With an eye toward transparancy, the Riverhead Central School District will now have its board of education meetings taped.

Laurie Downs, past president of the PTO executive council, said she began taping the meetings on a volunteer basis with former PTO member Louise Wilkinson years ago. While there was a time when the taping lapsed, due to issues with transfering the tapes to television on the town level, now, Downs said, the school district is again working with Riverhead Town to air the meetings for public access. When no one offered to step up and tape, Downs said she would continue on a volunteer basis as a "public service."

"The public will have an opportunity to see what goes on at the meetings if they don't have a chance to come," said Riverhead Superintendent Nancy Carney.

Downs said, a few techical glitches aside at Tuesday night's meeting, she was happy to be manning her videocamera once again. "I'm back," she said.


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