Guest Chef Gives Cooks Up Storm For Riverhead Students

The kids also learned about the chef's real world culinary experiences as an intern in New Zealand.

Photo Credit: Riverhead Central School District.
Photo Credit: Riverhead Central School District.
A guest chef was on the menu at Riverhead High School this week.

Tyler Reinhart, a student from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI, taught Jan Szczesny's food prep class how to make sweet potato dumplings.

He also gave the students an account of his experiences as a began by talking to the students about his chosen profession, the opportunities at Johnson and Wales, his internship in New Zealand, and finally, how to make sweet potato dumplings.

School officials said Reinhart quizzed the class on their knowledge of both food and the preparation process, and then, enlisted some of the students into to preparing the dumplings. 


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