Photo: Students Savor Roman Banquet With Theatrical Twist

The annual Riverhead middle school event is a favorite among students and parents.

Feasting was the lesson of the day as Riverhead middle school students presented their annual Roman banquet recently.

This year's play, performed at the event, was "Echo, Narcissus and the Duck;" students transformed the Riverhead Middle School cafetorium into vision of ancient Rome.

The middle school Latin program's 125 students all participated as mappa creators, actors, writers, and servers.

The Mappa Splendida contest was once again a popular highlight of the feast, with fancy, decorated cloth napkins in the competition. In ancient days, Romans used large, decorated napkins, or "mappas," in Latin as "doggie bags" after banquets.

Students and parents all pitched in to prepare the Roman feast, which was enjoyed by almost 300 guests.

The play performed at the recent banquet was written by eighth graders, who recreated Greek mythology for the audience.

"Echo, Narcissus and the Duck," was written by Brielle Borges and Shannan Zeltmann. 

Riverhead High School Latin teacher Doc Greenberger said the play involved Echo, who was  "was zapped with a curse, can never again initiate conversation, and cannot help but repeat the last words she hears."

Organized by Riverhead middle school Latin teacher Magistra Lorene Custer, the event also featured a raffle.


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