Riverhead Kids Take Water Challenge to Raise Awareness

Kids dove beneath the surface of a book to help raise awareness about the world's water crisis.

Photo Credit: Riverhead Central School District.
Photo Credit: Riverhead Central School District.
Riverhead kids have been learning about a global water crisis — and to help they made a pledge to raise awareness by drinking only water for two weeks.

The concept was born after Mindy Benze’s English classes at the Riverhead Middle School began studying the book "A Long Walk To Water", by Linda Sue Park. According to a short overview on on her website, "'A Long Walk to Water' is based on the true story of Salva, one of some 3,800 Sudanese 'Lost Boys' airlifted to the United States beginning in the mid 1990s."

Salva, after a life of tragedy, eventually returned home to southern Sudan to establish a foundation that places deep-water wells in remote villages in dire need of clean water, the author explained on her site.

Benze's students were so moved that they created a "Water Challenge" for middle school teachers, staff and students, asking them to drink only water for two weeks, with an eye toward raising awareness. 

Those who took the challenge donated the money they'd saved by not buying sodas or iced teas to The Water Project

So far, the kids have have collected over $1,000.

The money will be combined with funds raised by students in other schools that have participated in a Water Challenge, to fund the digging of a well in a place like the Sudan. Building a well costs approximately $15,000. 

Benze created a video to share comments about the project, which helped illustrate what a book can mean to students who dig beneath the surface; the book was part of the  New York State Common Core curriculum modules.

One of Benze’s students, Marcele Davis, created a Prezi, or a presentation brought to life, about water to help raise awareness. In addition, the middle school's Home and Careers Class acted as a watering hole for the students who participated in the Water Challenge. 
Michael Hand February 09, 2014 at 08:31 AM
the solution to the world's problem with water is simple. The solution may be easy but the real problem is politics aka liberals, environmentalists, etc. that use fear to control people rather than provide answers to free people. Here is common sense solutions based on today's technology; 1. use the unemployed in the world and create jobs digging canals to dry regions (deserts), providing a water source from the oceans that "global warming" fear-mongers declare. 2. Create power plants (nuclear or other alternative) to be used to - 3. Create desalinization plants to change the salt water to clean water to farm the regions that have no crops (depending on world handouts) and drinkable water. Easy solutions, major headaches - If we really want to solve problems we need to stop the fear tactics and address the problems with REAL solutions that we can do TODAY


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