Riverhead School District Outlines Goals

What objectives would you like to see achieved?

At a meeting of the Riverhead Central School District's board of education Tuesday night, a list of goals for the 2012-2013 year was discussed.

According to Riverhead School Superintendent Nancy Carney, the Riverhead Board of Education is committed to:

Academic equity for all students and improved instructional leadership

1. Providing the resources needed to maximize academic support services and improving test scores.

2.  Providing resources for professional development to improve instruction.

3. Continuing to take an active role in the review of the district’s instructional programs.

Fiscal responsbility, transparency and accountability

1. Developing a budget, which will provide adequate resources to maintain programs, while keeping in mind taxpayers’ ability to pay.

2. Continuing to look for cost-savings through such programs as shared services and
energy-efficient programs.

3. Continuing to strive for open communication with staff, parents, and community

4. Continuing the revision of school board policies.

5. Developing a resource booklet for incoming board members.

Physical and social school campus conditions

1. Continuing to monitor the implementation of the bond and provide information to the public.

2.  Continuing to work with the newly-formed Riverhead WAVE Foundation to
provide additional support for district projects and programs.

What do you think of the district's goals? Are there any other initiatives you'd like to see implemented during the coming school year? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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