Feds Strip Nude Bathing From Fire Island; Are You Bummed?

Officials point to reports of public lewdness and diminished dunes, ending Suffolk's only nude beach.

Federal park officials sent a message to nude sunbathers: Put your clothes back on.

That is, in Suffolk at least.

Fire Island National Seashore officials said they will begin enforcing laws that prohibit nude bathing on Fire Island, after many reports of sex and other incidents of public lewdness on the beaches, according to Newsday.

Officials also said Hurricane Sandy had damaged many sand dunes that had provided a buffer so onlookers couldn't peep on bathers from afar.

"We've been struggling to make it work because Fire Island has a history of that type of use and people have been coming there for years," Fire Island chief ranger Lena Koschmann told Newsday. "The more we talked about it and researched it, the more we realized that that use wasn't compatible with an area like Lighthouse Beach."

Fire Island had been the only beach in Suffolk to allow nude bathing.

Read the story here (subscription required).

Are you upset or pleased about the decision? Let us know in the comments.

Vince Taldone February 28, 2013 at 07:55 PM
Bummed? I'm outraged at this veiled attempt to enforce the values of some on all. Fire Island is a world famous tourist and second home destination due in large part to its natural beauty and personal freedoms. Some hamlets have rules so tight one can't even walk on the sidewalk or into a beachfront bar without proper attire while others permit nude sun bathing and other more expressive behavior. It is all in the mix and represents the freedoms that we New Yorkers have come to expect. If some folks don't like to see nude sunbathers, they can choose one of the many restrictive so called "family" communities that frown on nearly all out of the ordinary expression. And for the more progressive, there are quite a few options to choose from again making Fire Island the world famous place that we fortunate Long Islanders have at our doorsteps all year, every year. As for me, I am not personally bummed only because my old behind is too sensitive for exposure to the sun and must be kept under wraps now, perhaps to the relief of many. But no one should curtail our beachfront freedom. No one!


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